Product Range

Patch Panal Antenna

Small but effective antennas specially designed for indoor as well as out door networks which supports point to point & multipoint & CPE applications for Telecom,IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n,WiFi, Bluetooth, WLAN’s, public “hot spots”& WIMAX. Antennas are available in frequency range of 900 MHz,1800 MHz, 2.3 GHz ,2.4 GHz, 3.3 GHz ,5.8 GHz.

Special Patch Antenna

Special Patch Antenna is used at places where the reception of signal fragments or is very poor. These antennas can work better in condition where the reception quality is weak. Our antennas are designed uniquely to offer multi solutions to our clients.

Our products are easy to maintain and can be easily mounted or connected. These are available in the market at reasonable rates.

2.4GHz WiFi Patch Panel Antenna

2.4 GHzWiFi Patch Antennas are widely used as supplement for yagi antenna. Our antennas are made from quality raw materials procured from trusted network of vendors.

These antennas have better signal reception capabilities. These antennas are widly used for CPE applications. Verity of beam width & gain available.

5.8GHz WiFi Patch Antenna

5.8GHz Patch Panel Antenna are superior antennas than there 2.4 GHz counterparts. These can cover a wider spectrum and offer quality reception. These can be easily installed and used as per the specifications.

Our antennas exhibit our quality standards by delivering optimum performance consistently. These are available in the market at leading rates.

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