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Antenna Accessories

We are affianced in manufacturing and exporting an exclusive range of quality Antenna Accessories related to the antennas assisting the channel of communication. The range comprises of SMA Male Connector, Mechanical Beam Tilt Cap, SMA Female Connector, U-clamp, TNC Male Connector, MMCX Right Angle/Straight, RPSMA (male Connector), TNC Female, RPTNC Female Connector and RPN male.

Mechanical Beam Tilt Clamp

Highly efficient Mechanical Beam Tilt Cap are manufactured and exported by us that accommodate the communication industry. Beam Tilt is used to seek the main lobe of the vertical plane for radiation pattern of an antenna below or above the horizontal plane in radio.

In the mechanical beam tilt the antenna is actually mounted in order to bend the angle of signal on a side. Furthermore this can be made to be useful in some limited situations as it raises the angle of the signal on the other side.

SMA Male Connector

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting quality SMA Male Connectors consisting of a 0.250x36 thread. The SMA male connector is equipped with a .312 inch (7.925mm) hex nut.

The male connector can be confusing as its outer shell has an inner pin and an inside thread. Male connector in conventional terms can be referred as ‘plug’.

SMA Female Connector

In usual terms or commonly the SMA Female Connectors are known as ‘jack’ or ‘socket’. They also consist of 0.250x36 threads and use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric that will contact alongside the mating plane.

These connectors are manufactured from high grade metallic substances that are non-corrosive and reliable.

TNC Male Connector

TNC male connector that we manufacture and export are commonly used as connecting material that accommodates the various channels of communication. High quality metallic substance is used as the casting element in these connectors.

TNC connector is of about the same size as bnc connectors and is thread styled.

U Clamp

We manufacture and export quality U-clamp that is made up of high quality raw material. These u-clamps are particularly used for clamping the antenna to the wall or to the any other supporting element.

The u-clamps we provide are of robust construction and embodied from high grade metal that is highly resistant to corrosion. Being used as the clamping material the u-clamps are made strong enough to hold the antenna.


To connect various junctions related to instruments accommodating the channel of communication, Connectors are used. These connectors are manufactured with precision to facilitate the joining of various components.

The raw material used in their production is generally a metallic substance that is durable and corrosion resistant.

RPTNC Female Connector

The variation of the standard TNC Connector is known as the Reverse Polarity TNC (RPTNC). This is used to reverse the polarity of the interface of male contact pins into female connectors and female contact pins into male connectors.

RPTNC are extensively used to comply with FCC regulations by wireless LAN and Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers for preventing these systems to be connected with gain antennas by consumers.


One can avail a wide range of MMCX from us. Our products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. Designed using latest software, these products are manufactured using raw materials of premium quality.

Offered after conducting efficient tests for quality, these products are available at industry leading prices.

RPSMA Male Connector

Being a premium manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of premium quality Accessories, we are able to develop and design a range of RPSMA (Male Connectors). These male connectors are designed to offer minimal interface for all types of coaxial cables.

Connectors offered by us are manufactured using metal of premium quality and are resistant to corrosion.

TNC Female

We are one of the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of high quality TNC Females. These products are designed industrially using raw materials of superior quality. Engineered with precision, these products are an effective solution of all types of connections.

TNC’s offered by us are available at industry leading prices.

MMCX Right Angle & Straight

As one of the finest manufacturer of premium quality antennas and its accessories, we have been able to develop a wide range of high quality MMCX Right Angle/Straights.

These products are quality tested efficiently by our analysts at each stage of development. Right angled shape of these products offers a perfect grip to wires.

RPN Male

One can avail from us a wide range of premium quality RPN Males. These males are designed to offer 360 degree omni directional antenna support. Our products are manufactured with perfection using raw materials of premium quality.

RPN Males are known for its designing and perfection.

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