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1. What does Twin Engineers do?

Twin Engineers designs and engineers the different types of antennas, RF & microwave based Industrial Applicator and furnished concealment or camouflaging systems for the antenna installment wireless industry. Our concealment solutions are aesthetically pleasing and coast effective. It is designed using specially developed RF Transparent materials.

2. What is "concealment" or "camouflaging"?

Concealment is the process of screening, hiding, or "camouflaging" antennas. It can be used to satisfy a city or building owner's need to minimize the visual effect of an antenna installation by disguising it as flagpole, a rooftop parapet, or any other conceivable design that helps the site blend visually into its environment.

3. What other types of concealment panels are available?

Twin Engineers offers a variety of RF transparent panels.

4. What concealment material should be used for high frequency point to point microwave transmission?

Please contact our marketing department.

5. What types of concealments are available?

Twin Engineers offers a wide range of concealment products, both standard and custom most falls into major concealment categories like chimneys, cupolas, louvers, screen walls, clock towers, flag poles, etc. Your imagination is the limit, when it comes to custom concealment options.

6. Are custom pole products available?


7. What is Twin Engineers' standard time frame?

Our standard quoted time frame for engineering services typically ranges from three to six weeks, depending on the level of difficulty and receipt of needed information regarding the existing structure. Material fabrication time frames typically range from four to eight weeks, depending on the type of materials and prompt receipt of engineering approvals from customer.

8. Who do I contact for antenna concealment technical support?

Contact Twin Engineers by visiting our Contact Us section to submit your questions electronically. The marketing department will respond to your request within 24 hours. For immediate service call +91 265 2647987

9. Who at Twin Engineers do I contact for a quotation?

Contact our Marketing Head Mr. Rajesh Deolalikar. Mobile No.: +91-9879606291

10. What information does Twin Engineers need to provide an accurate quotation?

To provide the most accurate quotation, Twin Engineers requests that any and all site plans, site measurements, site photos along with a scope of work description be sent along with your RFQ.

11. Does Twin Engineers have standard products?

Please call to discuss.

12. What information does Twin Engineers need to start a project?

Depending upon the application, Twin Engineers requires a signed proposal or an actual purchase order to begin work. Twin Engineers may also require existing site measurements and/or exact concealment measurements.

13. What is "preliminary engineering"?

Preliminary engineering includes a basic drawing of the concealment structure. It shows the necessary dimensions for the concealment. Preliminary engineering drawings must be approved before final engineering can begin.

14. What is "final engineering"?

Final engineering includes a set of preliminary engineering stamped drawings that clarifies the necessary dimensions and/or attachments of product detail design that to be supplied in the concealment and the existing structure.

15. What are Twin Engineers requirements to begin fabrication?

To begin the fabrication stage, both preliminary and final engineering must be approved.

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