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About Us

Welcome to Twin Antennas

Founded in 1998, the company’s mission is “to ease of doing business”. Twin engineers Has grown from specialized beginnings to become a major leading international provider of antennas for world-class Broadcast Antennas includes TV Transmitting antennas, FM community antenna, FM transmitter antenna, Communication antennas includes , GSM Base station antennas WIFI antennas, WIMAX antennas, 3G & 4G antennas, Special antennas includes RFID antennas, Antennas for telemetry applications & RFID Gate antenna offer three orientation tag reading for the first time in INDIA.

Headquartered in Baroda & Gujarat, twin engineers design and manufacture high performance antennas for telemetry applications.

Antennas developed by TWIN are serving in complex broadcast & data network for large telecom operators & ISPs. We pride ourselves on being first to market on many new technologies and unparalleled technical support. So if you can’t find the antenna to meet your needs, please give us a call, we will most likely be able to help. Twin is also venturing in supporting antenna camouflage solutions & Smart poles for smart cities.

Our Major wireless project

  • City WIFI
  • City surveillance
  • Water ATM Network
  • ATM surveillance
  • Wind mill automation
  • Metro station wifi

Our Mission

To become a leading global supplier of all telemetry antennas by designing innovative to both domestic and international level, high performance products & to promote wire free world.

certification & membership

  • Twin engineers is approved to ISO 9001:2000